We live on an island, everyone should ride across it at least once!

Entries are now open for 2025 - Price freeze until 1st July 2024



Another Coast to Coast? Yes, ……… and No. While the Scott Frontier 300 does stretch from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, the challenge is more about what lies between those shorelines. The route doesnt link together iconic roads or tourist honeypots, but journeys through the heart of the old Border Marches, to reach the beach welcome – food, fire and Scott frontier hospitality.

The 1-day event starts at 04:15 on the 7th June 2025. (camping at the finish is included along with the Brunch on Sunday)

The 2-day event starts at 05:00 on 6th June 2025. (in addition to the 1 day event included in the price is camping on the 6th evening, along with an Evening meal, and breakfast the following morning)

Both events have the same start, same route, same finish, same finish party, and same brunch by the beach party on Sunday morning.

Entries are open 8am 17 June 2024.

Price Freeze: We will keep the 2024 entry cost the same until 8 a.m. on 1 July 2024, when we will, unfortunately, have to increase it.

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