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Final Rider Information

Final Rider Brief

Exposure Light Hire Link (why not hire a fully charged quality light for the event?)

RawVelo – Fueling the Fire at Frontier 300 (a guide to keeping the body fuelled)


Please note that some gpx/mapping software will automatically re-route a track to ‘known’ trails depending on software settings. We advise that riders check the route against the original map before importing to a device.


Ride Detail

Distance: 300Km

Terrain: 50:50 Gravel/Tarmac Split   

Elevation: 4,200m Elevation Gain

The Salsa Frontier 300 is not a race but an epic, supported ride from the west coast of Scotland to the east coast of England. Your aim is to get to our Salsa Beach Party – Frontier style!

The start window is between 4:15am and 4:45am from Rockcliffe and all rider briefings will be done the evening before at sign on.

Riders have the option of doing the event solo or as a pair. Paired riders will have designated ‘hand over’ points along the route where one rider can pass the timing baton to the other.

Each rider will be given a route booklet with event information as well as maps of the course. The full route will be on gpx – forest sectors will be signed (in the event of any diversion) with course marking arrows and tape, all sections will be clearly marked in the route booklet and via the event gpx files – they will not to be course marked

Please note that a degree of navigation may be required on the linking road sections between the forests, the full ride gpx will cover this – available 2-3 weeks before the start. We strongly recommend that riders carry the means to backup electrical devices with additional batteries.

At 96km there is a short steep carry which is not suitable for road style shoes/pedals.

Riders should ensure that they remain on the event route in case we need to locate you.

Whilst we expect riders to aim to finish late Saturday/early Sunday we appreciate that unforeseen circumstances may prevent this. Our final Feed Station at around 230km will have facilities to allow riders to get a few hours rest. For rider safety you will not be allowed to leave there between 2230hrs Saturday and 0400hrs Sunday.

We will light the fire early evening on Saturday and our caterers will serve meals from early evening. There will be camping and showers at the finish and you will be able to send a limited amount of luggage ahead for your camp.

Our closing event will be the Salsa Brunch on the Beach (food/drinks included in the entry) from 10:30-12:00 on the Sunday morning. This will be a chance for all riders to come together, share finishing stories, epic moments and celebrate their achievements.

The Terrain

The Salsa Frontier 300 is a well balanced mix of good forest access tracks and minor roads. The forest sectors tend to be fairly fast with wide hard pack surfaces, though the route does climb to over 500m, with one hike a bike section, most of the climbing is relatively steady.

Quiet roads and established cycle routes are a good chance to get a breather and pick up some speed.

A Gravel bike with a good range of gears and disc brakes is the ideal machine for this route, or a lightweight MTB. E-bikes are not allowed. We recommend 38mm or above tyres to give that extra comfort, though a good ‘cross’ tyre would suffice. MTB style clipless pedals and shoes are a must (definitely not road shoes and pedals!) as the section of hike a bike is short but quite steep – it is worth it for the view and the amazing descent!


Start – Registration will be at Colvend Village Hall, where there will be toilets, limited parking and indoor space to re-assemble bikes if required. There is a range of accommodation available locally for Friday night. Further details can be found in the Logistics section, with camping within 1Km of the start.

Rider Briefing will take place at registration. There will be no announcements in the morning as we will need to respect local residents with our early start!

Finish – The finish at Druridge Bay will have camping, toilets and shower facilities (all included in entry), along with various catering options to buy. This will be available to supporters too (Friends and Family entry) and there is plenty of parking.

Druridge Bay is a great place for riders to relax and for family and friends to spend the day or the weekend. There are miles of sandy beaches, woodland walks, parklands to explore and a lake. We expect many riders to take the chance to relax into Sunday and enjoy their achievement.

NorthernStar Tepees will be at the finish with an event village set-up before riders arrive. If you want to book a tepee or camper van spot contact them on the link above  – what a great way to finish the adventure!

We hope everyone will be able to stay and celebrate their achievement at the Salsa ‘Brunch on the Beach’ from 10.30am on Sunday – included in the entry.

Compulsory Equipment

Due to the nature of the event ALL riders MUST carry the following items in addition to their riding kit (with the exception of the waterproof if being worn). These may be checked at any point on the route. Any rider who does not have this will not be allowed to ride.

  • Whistle
  • Survival Blanket/bivi bag
  • Waterproof Jacket (taped seams)
  • Spare warm layer (jersey/jacket)
  • Full leg cover (leg warmers/tights)
  • Spare base layer – we recommend a long sleeve for the cool morning/evening
  • Warm hat/Buff
  • Front light with a minimum 3hr burn time and at least 300 lumens
  • Rear light with flashing mode
  • Mobile phone
  • Cash for any extra purchases
  • Food for the duration of the event
  • Ability to carry at least 1.5l of water
  • Spare tubes, tools, lube, split chain link and a pump

We would also strongly advise that riders carry a GPS device with the route loaded plus sufficient spare batteries/back up power for the duration of the event. Remember that only the Forest Gravel sections will be marked with course arrows.

Feed Stations will have some access to USB charging facilities but should not be relied on.

Riders should make additional preparations in light of the weather forecast.


Riders should be aware that this is a long event requiring a level of independent planning and a good degree of fitness. Due to the nature of the route, once riders start they are committing to a long day in the saddle.

We will be producing a ‘Salsa Frontier 300 Riders Guide’, full of tips on preparation and completing the event as well as answering some of those frequent questions. Look out for insider tips from some of the UK’s experienced adventurers on two wheels.

As a guide we would expect riders to be able to ride in the region of 15kph average in order to make the crossing on the Saturday. This allows some time for short stops at Feed Stations.

Discretionary cut-offs at Feed Stations 2 and 3 will be used to ensure rider safety and general welfare.

Feed 2: 13:30

Feed 3: 19:00

At these times riders may be transported along the route to continue or transported to the finish. In this eventuality we cannot guarantee that this will happen immediately, so ask riders to get their warm clothes on and bear with us until we have looked after all participants.

This event is a committing challenge, riders should be self sufficient and prepared to make arrangements to get to the finish on their own if needed.


Entries Open end of January 2022

Solo: £120,  Pairs relay: £110/rider (£220 per pair)

Please refer to our event terms and Conditions for full details on payments and refunds.

Entries include:

  •  Navigation – Route mapping, signage and GPX files
  • Electronic timing/GPS Tracker and checkpoint tracking- available to view online
  • Marshal support at feeds and key locations
  • Sweep riders/vehicles.
  • Professional medical cover
  • Detailed route booklet covering all ride sectors
  • Event liability insurance (does not cover loss, theft or damage of equipment and/or bicycles)
  • 4 support posts (food, water, mechanic and medical support)
  • Intermediate drop bag transport to Feed 3
  • Supporters Handbook with maps, support points and things to see and do
  • 4 support posts (food, water, mechanic and medical support)
  • Hot meal at Feed 3 (soup/roll/drinks)
  • Camp Baggage transport to the finish
  • Intermediate Drop Bag transport to Feed 3
  • Camping at the finish, with showers and toilets (Family Camp tickets available to riders)
  • Access to full catering at the finish – additional cost
  • Camping gear transfer to the finish (10Kg limit)
  • Brunch on the Beach on Sunday from 10:30 – Salsa Style Frontier Hospitality Meal/Drink

Please note that the Frontier 300 is an A2B route, as such riders should be aware that a high degree of self-sufficiency is required.

Family and Friends/Supporters:

Adults: £15, Children £5

Ticket includes:

  • Access to the event villages
  • Camping at the finish on Saturday
  • Brunch on the Beach with riders – Meal/Drink
  • Access to showers etc at the finish
  • Detailed maps and information about meeting places and things to do along the route

Terms & Conditions

For the full Terms & Conditions, please follow the link below.

Completion of an entry form or purchase of an entry by every participant acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the participant.



Getting to the start and back from the finish may seem like a big problem to solve, but there are a few stress free options:
  • Coach shuttles from the Finish at Druridge to the sign on at Colvend Village Hall (likely to be in the region of £45 incl. parking, coach and bike box shuttle)
  • Have your own support crew, who drive across and join in the fun and have a day out. (see Rider Support with suggestions for things to see and do – more details will follow)
  • Get the coach shuttle to the start, but meet friends/family for the fun at the finish, and a lift home (See the Tepee options in the accommodation section below for some family glamping on the beach!)
  • Ride as a relay pair, and share the support driver role, switching roles at designated places (you can split the ride into several manageable chunks and arrive at the finish with your vehicle and gear ready to enjoy the Salsa Event Village)
  • Both start and finish are accessible via rail (plus some riding), though Sunday may involve riding to Morpeth station (12 miles).



Friday options near the start:

  • camping at Castle Point campsite , full facilities and gentle 5 min pedal to the start
  • A simple camp field near to Colvend Village Hall
  • Plenty of BB options in Dalbeattie about 20mins by car
  • Hotel and B+B options near the start e.g. Clonyard Hotel or Anchor Hotel

Saturday at the finish:

  • campsite at the finish is included in your entry. Luggage can be transferred.
  • Tepees in place when you arrive – carpeted, lighting, proper mattress and bedding ready for your arrival. See Northern Star Tepees .

Parking – There is parking available both at the start and finish.

Bike Shuttle – Those using the coach from Druridge should make sure that their bike is securely packed in a cardboard bike box (most bike shops will have these available). We cannot transport unpacked bikes!
The shuttle coach will leave Druridge on Friday 10th June at 3:30pm prompt.

Cars can be left at the shuttle departure point at Druridge Bay.
Riders will be responsible for unpacking and assembling at registration though we will have  mechanics available to assist if needed.
Boxes will then be transported to the finish with camping gear inside.

Rider Support

Regular ‘support outposts’ at 60, 110, 180 and 230km will provide food and drinks, access to basic spares/mechanics and medical help.

  • 60km – basic feed stop with water, energy product, tray bakes, savoury nibbles, sweet treats, bananas etc
  • 110km – hot drink, water, energy product, bananas. There is also a cafe with an opportunity to buy food or tray bakes if needed.
  • The 180km Feed Station will provide a basic hot meal for all riders (eg. soup/roll/drinks). Riders will also be able to send their Drop Bag to this location.
  • 230km – hot drink, water, energy product, tray bakes, sandwiches, bananas etc.

The route passes through numerous towns and villages. Regular locations will be provided for private support vehicles to meet riders and for ‘Relay Pairs’ to support each other and/or hand over the timing baton.

Support vehicles should not use the roads on the route, except those highlighted by the organisers. A ‘Supporter’s Handbook’ will provide all these details – to follow.

For any family/friends/loved ones wishing to follow riders the ‘Supporter’s Handbook’ will provide access route, places of interest, cafe stops etc. Why not come along and enjoy the fun?

Drop Bags – Riders can send a drop bag to Feed 3 at 180km. This should be prepared beforehand and handed into registration – riders will be limited to one 10 litre bag, with a number clearly visible. We recommend a dry bag with a number in permanent marker.

Use your drop bag for a few small items of spare clothing – change of gloves/base layer – and for some extra treats for the final push. Drop Bags will be transported onto the finish for collection at the end of the event. Please do not include any valuable items, we cannot be held responsible for any losses!