F300 FAQs


How off road is the route?

The route is close to a 50:50 split of tarmac and forest roads (all comfortably rideable on 40mm tyres).

What’s the most suitable bike?

Whilst any off-road capable bike will work, a gravel or adventure road type bike with drop bars will be most efficient on the long tarmac sections.

How does the pairs entry work?

Think of it as a relay. You share the riding and the tracker/timing. There’ll be several points along the route highlighted as changeover locations, where you can park the vehicle you’ll share (or you could have a support driver?) and ‘pass the baton/tracker’ for your partner to ride the next section. You can switch over riders anywhere along the route, though the locations we highlight will be preferable, and can switch over as often as you like. It’s a team effort and you both get to enjoy the beach side celebration at the finish.

How will the tracking/timing work?

Each rider will carry a satellite tracker, which will allow anyone (with internet access) to follow their progress. This will allow pair/relay riders or other rider supporters to see where riders are and to coordinate when and where they can meet up. Event staff will not be able to give information to supporters on the location of riders.

What accommodation is available at the start?

There are a number of hotels and B&Bs within a short ride of the start at Rockcliffe. Search for Rockcliffe, Colvend or Kippford (there is a 10min off-road route from Kippford to the start). We have been in contact with a camping site called Castle Point and this should be booked directly with them, using the contacts here:https://www.castlepointcc.com. Mention that you are coming for the Frontier 300. This campsite is 2km away from the registration hall.

We will also have access to a small field opposite the registration hall  – however, this is just a field with no facilities.

What accommodation is available at the finish?

Camping for the rider at the finish is included in your entry (toilets and showers available), but you will need to provide your own equipment. We will transport equipment from the start (registration hall) to the finish. You can drop equipment off at this point before 4:30am and it will be taken to the finish for your arrival (but you’ll need to pitch your own tent….).

Alternatively, treat yourself to some glamping, by booking a luxury tepee from Northern Star Tepees – it will be ready for you when you roll into the finish (sleeps up to 4). There is also a range of B&B and hotel options not too far away – search NE61 5BX.

What baggage transfer is included in my entry?

Included in your entry are two types of baggage transfer. Firstly, we’ll take your spare clothing and camping gear from the start to the finish. This should be of similar size to the carry-on luggage allowed by airlines – a small holdall or rucksack. Please make sure everything is in the bag and not attached to the outside. Depending on your arrangements for Friday night, this bag can be left with us at registration (Colvend Hall). They will be picked up for transfer from 4:30am. Secondly, we’ll transfer a small drop bag to Feed 3 at 180Km details of this bag can be found in the ‘Rider Support’ section.

How do the shuttle services work?

The shuttle services are designed to get you and your bike and kit to the start from Druridge Bay – the finish.

Bookings will be taken in advance for this service leaving Druridge mid/late afternoon on the Friday before the event. Cars can be left at Druridge until riders return on Saturday/Sunday.

The service will be at ‘cost’ price and include a bus shuttle with a separate bike carriage on a commercial van/luton.

Please note that bikes will only be transported at your own responsibility, we suggest they are packed in a standard bike box (cardboard) available from most bike shops for free.

Is there catering available?

Included in your entry are a number of on-route feed stations providing water and snacks. Water and toilets will be available at Feed 1 (60km), RawVelo will be at Feed 2 (approx 100km) with a wide range of their products for you to use for the event. Feed 3 (Kielder (approx 180km)) will include a hot soup and sandwich and you will be able to access your Intermediate Drop Bag (please note that this is separate to your camp bag which goes to the finish). Also included is brunch, from 9 am until 12 am on Sunday morning.

Catering at the start is more limited. There is a cafe and small shop and a wood-fired pizza wagon next to the registration venue, but opening times at the cafe are limited

At the finish

We have arranged for a minimum of 2 catering vehicles to be at the finish to greet you when you arrive with hot food available. These catering services will also be delivering your brunch meal on Sunday morning at 09:30 am. So breakfast to buy earlier than this is difficult – yet we are working closely with the owners to see if there is anything they can do to support.


What does a Supporter’s ticket include?

For every supporter you will receive a wristband at the registration – it will entitle you to access feed stations 1/2/3 (4th feed station does not allow supporters due to location), camping at the finish at Druridge Bay Country Park anytime from Friday afternoon until Sunday, and a Breakfast Brunch at the finish, welcome to join in on the games and fun at the finishers village. They will be a supporters PDF that will guide you to the best places to support your rider from, where there will be parking. The website where you can watch your riders dot and see their live location (NB there are some places where the signal does not work and will not give live updates – although they are very few).

NB – if you have a camper van and would like an additional electric hook up at the finish please purchase a ‘hook up’ for £10 (for the weekend). This will entitle you to have a hard standing with an electric hook-up for the full weekend.